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An Insight into BandwidthSolutions.com and Fiber Internet Providers

The internet has fast become an integral part of our everyday lives and which Fiber internet services providers we use will affect how fast your Internet runs as well as how efficiently. High speed internet (T1) providers are obviously the most preferable choice; especially for those who rely on the internet for work purposes or who use the internet regularly. Bandwidth Solutions.com offers its services to small and medium sized businesses around the world that are looking to improve their communication channels and are an ideal way to enjoy fast internet connections. Call us today for your Fiber Internet Service.

Internet T1 Service Speed

A T1 line is a fiber optic or copper line that can carry up to 24 digital voice channels and is a popular choice among businesses. Alternatively it can be used to carry data at an impressive rate of 1.544 megabits per second and when it is carrying data it will simply plug into the network router while if it is being used for telephone conversations it should be plugged into the phone system. The benefits of using a T1 service line is that it is far more reliable than a DSL or Cable line and it is also known to have lower latency. A T1 is also a dedicated line that has guaranteed bandwidth and guaranteed uptime at a minimum of 99.999%.

Fiber Internet and MPLS

Operating over a fiber optic network; internet service providers that offer internet via a fiber optic connection are proving to be ever-popular as everyone attempts to gain a faster and more reliable connection. Fiber internet is very promising in the industry and looks set to be the next big thing so businesses looking to improve on their communication services. Multiprotocol Label Switching is also known as MPLS and it works by carrying and directing data from network to network via the nodes. The benefit of using MPLS is that it supports a range of service modules and successfully and reliably performs traffic management.

Finding Reliable High Speed Internet Providers

Anyone searching for high speed internet providers should use an expert company that boasts years of experience within the sector and here are a few things you should always look out for when hunting down good internet service providers:

  • Years of experience with the industry
  • Industry leading customer service
  • Choose from 50+ providers
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Industry leading quoting system
  • Quick and reliable responses

The internet industry in guilty of confusing many customers with technical-sounding jargon but in reality once you learn about a T1 line, find out MPLS stands for and educate yourself about terms such as fiber internet providers; you will soon realize that finding the best service to suit your business can be done relatively easily. By choosing Bandwidth Solutions.com you can be sure that you will only receive the services that will benefit your company rather than those that will only benefit your provider and with expert help on hand - Bandwidth Solutions is by far the best option for anyone searching for reliable internet service providers.