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Carrier Info

All the Leading T1 providers and Ethernet fiber providers are partnered with us.

The leading T1 providers and leading Telecom carriers in the country partner with us here at Bandwidth Solutions. We are a platinum broker for many of our carriers and our partnerships allow us to offer customized solutions for the lowest prices…Guaranteed!

Why do T1 providers and Ethernet fiber provider partner with us?

Carriers Save Time, Money and Resources by partnering with us. Much like an insurance or mortgage broker, our Business T1 service providers and Telecom carriers use us to sell their services. By using an indirect channel to sell their services instead of direct reps, telecom carriers save on costs such as salaries/benefits, office leases, marketing and advertising. We also save their engineering groups time and resources by completing much of the necessary pre-qualifications.

...While Our Customers Get BenefitsToo!

We work directly with T1 providers and Ethernet fiber providers so you can receive additional discounts:

Unlike traditional direct-sales reps, Bandwidth Solutions negotiates competitive sales agreements in order to get additional discounts that can be passed directly onto our customers.

We work directly with the T1 providers and Ethernet fiber providers on your behalf so you can receive better customer care:

Most people don't know that the majority of telecom carriers and their customer care reps are not allowed to give you an escalation list, and in some cases you have to wait 4-48 hours before any of your issues are escalated to a team lead or manager. We work with many managers on a daily basis, and have an escalation list all the way up to a VP, and in some cases, the president. If you call customer care with any of our carriers and you don't get a resolution within a satisfactory timeframe, we will escalate your issue to management on your behalf.