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Our mission at BandwidthSolutions is to simplify the process of selecting and implementing enterprise-grade voice, internet, and cloud services for all companies.

Our free consulting services are tailored to easily integrate with your business operations. We provide comprehensive value by utilizing our Master Agent network of service options from over 80 top-tier providers.

BandwidthSolutions uses telecom industry knowledge and expertise to ensure our clients have access to the best suited and most competitive communication solutions.

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what we do for you

Find the Best Solutions

A phone consultation helps us understand your company's communications requirements. Then, we present unbiased solutions as our experts compare the benefits of each. ​

Guaranteed Lowest Pricing

Our clients save 30% on average compared to provider rep offers. We shop around to get the best rates. In addition, we help save on install, wiring, and bill consolidation.​​

Superior Customer Service

An experienced telecom industry expert is your point of contact for technical issues, upgrades, renewals, troubleshooting, moves, add-ons - and of course, general questions. ​

Your Free Telecom Consultant

BandwidthSolutions brings together over 80 top-tier providers and experience in solution engineering, telecom sales, and product management. We offer the best services to change the way your business connects and operates.

Quick Comparison

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Most of our business customers come to us because they are unhappy with their current telecom services.

Further, they need help finding cost-effective solutions specifically for their business. Unfortunately, this can’t be solved by calling a provider and asking what services they offer.

With this goal in mind, we dive deep to understand your business needs before throwing out a random list of products for you to sort through.

Finding Solutions

The Provider

Limited to options based on what they can supply. They won’t offer products from other carriers.

Sales reps drive the price up to reach their sales quota. Simply, because there is no competition.

Generally, they earn commissions and bonuses based on their sales – not the customers they keep.


Access to ALL business solution options in ALL our provider’s product portfolios available in your area.

With no quota, we have the freedom to offer the lowest pricing. In the meantime, Price is driven down by competing providers.

Our sole purpose is happy clients . Also, We earn based on the provider’s monthly bill – which will never affect your cost.

Provisioning Your Order

The Provider

You are directed to people whose sole job is the current step and wont hear from them after.

Hard-to-follow processes. Generally, providers don’t take time to explain things.

Frequent order delays, namely due to missed emails or non-responses for various reasons. 

Provider reps will randomly contact you, as the customer, during provisioning with no roadmaps to follow. It’s all guesswork that you have to stay on top of.


A dedicated account manager is your one point of contact available throughout your contract term. 

As your liason, we handle questions, issues, and clearly tell you what is going on.

Our dedicated team brings order issues all the way to the VP of sales when it’s necessary.

As industry experts with long-term relations, we know who to contact and when. Orders run smoothly, and you don’t have to do the work.


While working for major telecom providers in the late 1990’s, I realized the telecom services we were told to offer did not always yield the best solutions for our customers.
In 2001, my team and I founded BandwidthSolutions with the idea of providing unbiased solutions to our clients by providing optimal services to help their businesses meet their communications goals – Every Time.
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Your billing will come directly from the provider. As your telecom liaison, we offer an ongoing bill analysis to ensure it is accurate and remains that way over time. We will NEVER send you a bill.
We have direct working relationships with our providers through dedicated account managers in a connection that the industry calls “The Channel”. Since there is no overhead cost of using “The Channel”, BandwidthSolutions receives the same pricing as the provider’s sales reps The main difference between us and provider sales reps – We don’t have a sales quota, so we focus on your company, not the bottom line.
Yes. We know it sounds too good to be true, but we do not charge you for any consulting services for the life of your telecom contract. Providers pay us a monthly referral fee. We will NEVER charge our clients for any of our consultation services.
You don’t pay a penny for our consulting services – the telecom providers do. They pay us a monthly referral fee. We will NEVER charge our clients for any of our consultation services.

Absolutely. BandwidthSolutions assigns a dedicated account manager who will be your advocate before, during, and after any of your order installations. Your satisfaction is paramount to us.

If you don’t see a swift solution from the provider, call our customer service team with a description of the problem along with a trouble-ticket, and we’ll work to resolve the issue on your behalf.

A Telecommunications Broker offers and sells telecom services to businesses on behalf of providers. We make sure your company gets the services you need at the price we negotiate for you.  BandwdithSolutions has direct agreements with the providers  with which enables us to offer their products to you at their most competitive prices.

No, however we work with several ancillary vendors and we will be happy to refer some to you. Contact Us for a list of vendors in your area.

One Contact, One Quote, Up to 10 Providers

All information submitted to BandwidthSolutions is kept confidential.
You will be only by one person at BandwidthSolutions and never a 3rd party.