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Through BandwidthSolutions, you have experienced telecom experts with a company that has been around for over 18 years.

Our dedicated team will work with you at every step to ensure everything is clearly explained and you are comfortable with the important decisions you make.

We request the quotes and contracts from the providers for you. After review and confirmation from you, we submit the order request, schedule the service delivery, and work with the providers to ensure a smooth installation. Here is how it works.

Telecom experts

Our 3-D Process


Our experts analyze your business needs and budget. We inquire about current services, and review your telecom bills, then discuss strategies.


With an eye toward future needs and budget, we present competitive quotes from up to 10 providers at the lowest rates guaranteed.


As your liaison, we provision your installation to ensure the timely delivery of your services. We also remain with you for the life of your contract.

how it works

Our Services are Entirely Free

Through our provider relationships, Bandwidthsolutions’  team of telecom experts locate unbiased, best-fit solutions for clients.

How it Works: We have direct working relationships with our providers through dedicated account managers in a connection that the industry refers to as the “Channel”. Because there is no overhead cost of using the “channel”, BandwidthSolutions receives the same pricing as their in-house sales reps.

The difference between us and in house sales reps – We are here for YOU, not the bottom line. We don’t have a quota. We have the freedom to offer you the best possible solutions based on your needs, and not on the amount of money we make on “the sale”.

Boost Your Success

BandwidthSolutions makes your company more efficient and your life easier. Leverage our telecom experts and, industry relationships, and extensive experience to get outstanding service.

A Quick Comparison

telecom experts

How it Works: Most of our business customers come to us because they are unhappy with their current telecom services.

Further, they need help finding cost-effective solutions specifically for their business. Unfortunately, this can’t be solved by calling a provider and asking what services they offer.

With this goal in mind, our telecom experts dive deep to understand your business needs before throwing out a random list of products for you to sort through.

Finding Solutions

The Provider

Limited to options based on what they can supply. They won’t offer products from other carriers.

Sales reps drive the price up to reach their sales quota. Simply, because there is no competition.

Generally, they earn commissions and bonuses based on their sales – not the customers they keep.


Access to ALL business solution options in ALL our provider’s product portfolios available in your area.

With no quota, we have the freedom to offer the lowest pricing. In the meantime, Price is driven down by competing providers.

Our sole purpose is happy clients . Also, We earn based on the provider’s monthly bill – which will never affect your cost.

Provisioning Your Order

The Provider

You are directed to people whose sole job is the current step and wont hear from them after.

Hard-to-follow processes. Generally, providers don’t take time to explain things.

Frequent order delays, namely due to missed emails or non-responses for various reasons. 

Provider reps will randomly contact you, as the customer, during provisioning with no roadmaps to follow. It’s all guesswork that you have to stay on top of.


A dedicated account manager is your one point of contact available throughout your contract term. 

As your telecom experts, we handle and clearly explain questions or possible issues.

Our dedicated team brings order issues all the way to the VP of sales when it’s necessary.

As industry experts with long-term relations, we know who to contact and when. Orders run smoothly, and you don’t have to do the work.

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how it works

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