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  • Having trouble finding multiple options for business fiber internet at your office building? 
  • Not sure what internet providers are located in or near your location? 
  • Need a new primary or redundant internet connection?  
  • Moving or need service ASAP but not sure of install timeframes?  

Let us run your address using our software and give you all the answers.  

BandwidthSolutions has a proprietary software that enables us to look up any address in the continental US and quickly determine exactly what business Internet service providers are available at or near a location.

With our proprietary FiberLookup software, we can easily see which internet service providers (ISPs) have business fiber access in the street and which ones are installed in your building. We can also determine what type of fiber, copper, coax or fixed wireless is available or could be available with a build-out.    We have direct connections via API’s to every major internet provider, so our Fiber Lookup system is always up-to-date.

Major internet providers with real-time availability lookup include, but not limited to AT&T Business Fiber, Frontier Business Fiber, Spectrum Business Fiber, Comcast Business Fiber, Zayo Business Fiber, MediaCom Business fiber,  and 80+ more. 

Get a free detailed serviceability report by filling the lookup my address form.  

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FiberLookup + Industry Experience


Estimate Install Time

If fiber is already in a building, the installation will take less time than when it's not available because the provider will need more time to install services at that location.

Real Life Obstacles

If a site is within 500 feet of a fiber-lit building, it's usually a good fit. When we see an obstacle like railroad tracks between sites, there is likely high costs. As a result, we look for alternatives.


Accurate Information

When we order provider services based on our findings, we are confident the site is serviceable. We often have more accurate information than the ISPs themselves!

Where to Start...

Take advantage of our FiberLookup tool! Our expertise and advice are entirely free. Similarly, everything we do for our clients is completely free. Whether you want to optimize your business communications, or looking to save money on your telecom bill, there is no reason not to call.

The first step to finding the providers in your business address is to have a quick phone consultation with one of our leading industry experts. We ask a series of questions about your telecom services to pin down what will make your company more efficient.

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Optimize Your Business Potential

Stop overpaying for your telecommunication services! Your business is unique, and it does not make sense to sign up for canned solutions that charge you for things you do not need. 

BandwidthSolutions can fine tune your data, voice, cloud and internet services. Then, match options that make you more effective and productive.

Stay Connected

Organizations are in constant communication. With this in mind, we know the solutions you need.

Think Ahead

As the world of business transitions to the cloud, we help you stay in front of the competition.

Our Services are Entirely Free

Through our provider relationships, Bandwidthsolutions’  team of solution experts locate unbiased, best-fit solutions for clients.

We have direct working relationships with our business fiber, hosted pbx and cloud providers through dedicated account managers in a connection that the industry refers to as the “Channel”. Because there is no overhead cost of using the “channel”, BandwidthSolutions receives the same pricing as their in-house sales reps.

The difference between us and in house sales reps – We are here for YOU, not the bottom line. We don’t have a quota. We have the freedom to offer you the best possible solutions based on your needs, and not on the amount of money we make on “the sale”.

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