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BandwidthSolutions customer support is unmatched. While you are in service, our team is here to answer your questions, escalate trouble tickets, you name it! – All for FREE. 

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Free Bill Analysis

We sort through your telecom bills to ensure accuracy. Also, we check for overpayment and cut services you do not use.


Technical Support

Need a simple interpretation of your contracts? Or, have a technical question? Call us or submit an online trouble ticket.


Trouble Ticket

Need to submit a Trouble Ticket? You can fill out our form online, or call and ask for your Account Manager.

Wood Rodgers, Inc., a multidisciplinary engineering firm, has called on BandwidthSolutions for many large and small projects spanning several years. The project management has been “top notch” helping to keep all the involved groups coordinated and on schedule. If issues arise, BandwidthSolutions is always there to jump in with support and escalation.  

We look forward to many more successful projects with BandwidthSolutions!


Your billing will come directly from the provider. As your telecom liaison, we offer an ongoing bill analysis to ensure it is accurate and remains that way over time. We will NEVER send you a bill.
We have direct working relationships with our providers through dedicated account managers in a connection that the industry calls “The Channel”. Since there is no overhead cost of using “The Channel”, BandwidthSolutions receives the same pricing as the provider’s sales reps The main difference between us and provider sales reps – We don’t have a sales quota, so we focus on your company, not the bottom line.
Yes. We know it sounds too good to be true, but we do not charge you for any consulting services for the life of your telecom contract. Providers pay us a monthly referral fee. We will NEVER charge our clients for any of our consultation services.
You don’t pay a penny for our consulting services – the telecom providers do. They pay us a monthly referral fee. We will NEVER charge our clients for any of our consultation services.

Absolutely. BandwidthSolutions assigns a dedicated account manager who will be your advocate before, during, and after any of your order installations. Your satisfaction is paramount to us.

If you don’t see a swift solution from the provider, call our customer service team with a description of the problem along with a trouble-ticket, and we’ll work to resolve the issue on your behalf.

A Telecommunications Broker offers and sells telecom services to businesses on behalf of providers. We make sure your company gets the services you need at the price we negotiate for you.  BandwdithSolutions has direct agreements with the providers  with which enables us to offer their products to you at their most competitive prices.

No, however we work with several ancillary vendors and we will be happy to refer some to you. Contact Us for a list of vendors in your area.

Optimize Your Business Potential

Stop overpaying for your telecommunication services! Your business is unique, and it does not make sense to sign up for canned solutions that charge you for things you do not need. 

BandwidthSolutions can fine tune your data, voice, cloud and internet services. Then, match options that make you more effective and productive.

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Organizations are in constant communication. With this in mind, we know the solutions you need.

Think Ahead

As the world of business transitions to the cloud, we help you stay in front of the competition.

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